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Haunted Locations / Landmarks in Malaysia

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For now, i will divert a little bit from my own experience to some stories around Malaysia. For those not residing in Malaysia, these stories are just for you.

We've all heard of haunted places all around the world, but never get to really know what the story was or what happened in that certain location. Well, i did a little bit of research from readers and people around Malaysia and found out a few stories here and there.

For today i will list down a few places to juice up this blog! Thee will be more, and i wouldn't list down a ' Top 10 ' or ' Top 5 ' list for you guys. I wouldn't rate it that way. That would be quite impossible to judge or give points, unless i've been there myself. But in this case, i would leave the judging to you, dear readers.

Each places have their own stories to tell, but i will let you know eventually which to me i think is scary, or has that cold shiver down my spine.

Here i will show a few places that i think is freakishly haunted:


This is the KARAK HIGHWAY - built in 1970 and opened to public on 1977. It connects Kuala Lumpur and Karak and stretches up to 60.0km. But it actually goes a long way more than that. I'm just telling the stories for along this stretch which ' incidents ' occur regularly in the late 80s.

Just slightly along it lies Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia's top Resorts filled with fun theme parks and accommodations. 

Just after the exit to Genting Highlands, lies a short small tunnel. Here's where all of these stories started.

The story of the Yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

Similar beetle that has always been a Legendary true ghost story

This is the story of the famous yellow volkswagen beetle. It is believed that drivers using this highway would experience this on a certain stretch on the highway.

The car is said to be driving along the highway, without any drivers inside. This is the typical story that has been going. My story tends to be slightly different.

I've been hearing stories from my uncles and grandfather of the real story of the yellow beetle. It is true the car drives without any driver inside, but the version i heard is different. The car is to be said driving so fast, that people can hardly take a glance at it. It will take-over a car it 'likes', then to the victim's shock, the car is actually driving in reverse. So basically, the victim will see a face-to-face head on with the yellow beetle, with of course, no driver inside.

Relating to that, i think that's why there were so many accidents occur on that highway and mostly end up in fatal accidents.

I remember the stories told, one of them from my uncle, telling me that one time they were using that highway to get to Kuala Lumpur. I think it was in the early 70s. Can't really remember. But i remember, he mentioned that on that highway, he saw a family of 5. Walking in a straight line. From the tallest to the smallest. It was quite dark then, not many highway lights. But it was in a family of 5, walking freakishly weird. It got my uncles attention and got him thinking. "' What was that? "

Long story short, after around a few metres, their car broke down. Parked at the side of the road. Waiting for a mechanic to come. It took them a good solid 2 hours to wait for a mechanic. But to my uncle's attention, where was that family that he saw earlier? It's been 2 hours, surely they would have passed. 

Minding that, once their car was fixed, they continued on with their journey. After 50 miles, something caught my uncle's attention again. It's that family again! same family, same style of walking. But they couldn't have walked that distance in that span of time! How did that happen?

The story of a Legendary Creature

Now, another tale of the Karak Highway. It is said, if you ride along the Karak Highway in the middle of the night and stranded in some branches of the road from the highway, DON'T COME OUT of the car. 

This happened quiet a long time ago. A couple got lost somewhere in the vicinity of the highway. At the same time their car broke down. The husband wanted to get help by walking and trying to get to the next village. The wife didn't approve as she felt uneasy, but knowing men, their egos are high. He got out, and walked away slowly in the dark. 

The wife fell asleep, and woke up to the sound of a thump on the car roof. Remembering what she heard stories of the highway to never walk out, she just kept still in the car with the thumping still going on. The noise grew louder and unbearable as the thumping continues. Just as she was about to step out of the car, a car passes by. It's a patrol car! " Thank God ", she thought. Spotlight was drawn onto the car. 

" Madam, please step out of the vehicle slowly. Cross over to the driver's side, step out of the car slowly, and walk towards me ", the policeman said. Why would they say that? A sudden shiver crawled down her spine. 

" Madam, step out of the car slowly, walk towards me and DON'T LOOK BACK, " he said. 

He repeatedly mention to not look back. As she made her way to their car slowly, she could not help but to look behind. True enough, she saw this Monstrous figure, eating away on a flesh, taking the head of a body, and banging it on the roof of the car. Upon closer detail, it was her husband's head! That old lady-like figure, flew off the car, and disappeared in the dark.

look closely on top of the car


Mona Fandey's abandoned bungalow where she practiced black magic

Well, the whole of Malaysia knows of this ' monster ', who allegedly has slaughtered a businessman at her home, alongside her husband who was also involved in the man-slaughter. 

Mona Fandey was a not so famous pop singer form the 60s and 70s and a voodoo woman who practices black magic. It is said by people whoever passes in front of her house would experience all sorts of things. Motorcycles and cars would suddenly die in front of the house, they would hear screams from the house, big tress would shake on it's own, sometimes people would see hundreds of dark figures loitering in the garden and many more.

Mona Fandey - looking at her send chills
She and her husband plus a helper butchered a man into 18 parts, and if i'm not mistaken buried each parts in each corner of her house. This would i think strengthen her black magic powers.
This is how they cut the body in 18 parts
She and her ' followers ' were found guilty, and was sentenced to be hanged. The best part if i recall properly, she even smiled when she was announced the sentence.

True enough, from what i heard from the prison, she did not even die form the ropes. It kept on snapping until 3-4 times. They had to call upon a medium to exorcist away the Djinns and magic around her and eventually managed to hang her, last i heard.

But it seems she left her ' companions ' at her house where she practiced her black magic. That's where ' they ' started to loiter around and in search of a new home. Most of them are still there, though. People who went inside for a peep or research, would have that eerie feeling crawling down their pants.

She was hanged in Penjara Kajang ( Kajang Prison ), where she was pronounced dead. Not only that, prison guards say the cell that she was in, caused abnormal noises including screams, footsteps, somebody choking, and the sound of as if a body being cut. 

Here is the full Bio of Mona Fandey ( courtesy of Wiki )

The Highland Towers

This was one of Malaysia's greatest tragedies. The Highland Towers. One of the blocks was destroyed due to a major landslide. It was a tragedy that happened on 11th March 1993, Taman Hillview, Ulu Kelang. 

Due to that block being in rubbles, the other 2 blocks had to be evacuated immediately. 

48 had died and been found in the rubbles. That's 48 out of hundreds of tenants, has been found. The other hundred, were never found and the rubble was their grave. It was such a sad tragedy.
The block that collapsed

The story of a boy who lost his arm

Well, the story says it all. This story was told by a paranormal researcher, who was doing some research on the collapsed building which was Block A. He was climbing the stairs of Block B, trying to snap some photos when he met a boy on the flight of stairs.

At the time, it didn't occur to him anything was feeling weird. He asked the boy, " Kid, watcha doing here? " Well, the boy responded, turning around, unveiling his half torn face, " I'm looking for my other arm, i lost it in that building there ( pointing towards the demolished condominium ), have you seen it ?" Now facing the researcher face to face, left arm lost, face torn off. 

What happens after that? I leave it to your imagination

The story of the lady riding the taxi.

This is the story i've been hearing for quite some time already. 

A taxi driver stopped over to give a lady a ride to her home. The taxi asks where to take her. Along the way, the taxi driver felt quite weird that the lady just kept quiet despite the conversations the driver was trying to have with her. 

All she said was to just keep on going straight.

They came to a junction, the lady said to go into the junction and straight ahead. THe driver knew this area was the Highlands Tragedy. He kept on asking her wether this is the right road without feeling any oddity to the situation. 

They reached exactly 2 minutes before the rubble. The driver asks" are you sure this is where you live? I don't see any new homes here besides the rubble. "

" Yes, i live just up ahead, in the rubble itself ," the lady muttered. With that, the driver felt a sudden breeze, his hands shook, and bravely turn his head. The lady was no longer there, but on top on some part of the rubble. He turned around at the passenger's seat, noticed the lady left something. By the time he was about to call out her name,  she had disappeared. 

He opened up the small package, to his horror finding out that it was a HEART, bleeding.
a tombstone outside the window, at one of the standing building ( courtesy from another website )
So that's it for today, i'll post more of these haunted places soon. There are MORE! 

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